Find Someone’s Whereabouts with Online Skip Tracing

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Find Someone's Whereabouts with Online Skip Tracing

When you sue someone, you must serve them in accordance with the law. This is considered due process. It is the act of serving the person you are suing, the defendant, with a copy of the complaint.

To do this so that the court knows you served them properly, you need to know exactly where they live. Then, you can mail a copy of the complaint via certified mail to them and get confirmation of its receipt mailed back to you. You may also have someone hand the documents to the person. This is impossible to do if you do not have their current whereabouts.

A quick search on Google may only result in a past address. This is no good. If you are trying to collect money on a judgment you obtained, you need an accurate, current address of the person you obtained the judgment against. If you do not find this information, you will be unable to get the money that is owed to you.

Both of these situations are situations where online skip tracing can help. A private investigator uses an online system that carefully locates, analyzes and verifies a person’s whereabouts. This is not the same type of online search as a Google search or one you might do using a people finder.

The term comes from the expression to “skip town.” Online skip tracing makes use of many different resources and databases to find out where the person you are looking for went when they disappeared.

Your private investigator will be happy to make use of this type of search for you. It is the same kind of search performed by law enforcement agencies and it does not cost a lot. Its results are highly accurate making it worth way more than what you paid for it both financially and emotionally.